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Start-up and innovation in the heart of Kassel

The Science Park Kassel is an innovation and start-up centre on the North Campus of the University of Kassel. Since 2015, we have been offering over 6,000 m² of office and workshop space for spin-offs of the University of Kassel and for companies seeking proximity to the university. In addition, our conference area is ideal for events of all kinds and is regularly used by companies from all over Germany. 

The Science Park represents the interface between the university and Kassel’s start-up scene.


The Science Park represents the interface between the university and Kassel’s start-up scene. The proximity to the university facilitates access to experts, knowledge and technologies.

Jörg Froharth, Managing Director of the Science Park


The shareholders

City of Kassel

With the Science Park, the city of Kassel wants to actively contribute to creating the best possible environment for young people from the university who want to put their ideas into practice through professional independence or business start-ups. The aim is to keep graduates in the region, create attractive jobs and benefit the city as a whole in its economic, social, cultural and ecological development. The City of Kassel has therefore invested seven million euros in the construction of the Science Park.

University of Kassel 

The University of Kassel sees itself as a major driving force for the economic, social, ecological and cultural development of the region of North Hesse. Accordingly, the transfer of knowledge in close connection with the core tasks of research and teaching has a high strategic importance. The Science Park Kassel is the place and the symbol of the practised transfer of knowledge of the University of Kassel with its partners from all areas of society.

Start-up and innovation consulting

We make ideas successful - and have been doing so since 2015! With several contact points for start-up consultation and our support services, the Science Park serves as a springboard for entrepreneurs, especially those with a connection to the University of Kassel.

The right room for every need!

Whether for events or as the business headquarters of a start-up: we have the right facilities. If you want to benefit from our diverse offerings, the opportunity to network, the proximity to the University of Kassel and the entire community, the Science Park is the right place for you.