The Science Park as a springboard for start-ups and students.


Consulting services

The idea is there, but how do you start? The CoCreationLab offers extensive coaching and the opportunity to learn together with other teams in the early stages of the start-up. In addition, our innovation consulting is the point of contact for all those interested in setting up a business.

Consulting for start-ups and entrepreneurs

At regular intervals, we offer a workshop for students and people interested in setting up a business in which they develop their own business idea.
You will find the dates in our event calendar as soon as they are fixed.

CoCreation idea workshop | The start-up trial course

"The CoCreationLab offers us a space to work together on our idea, which is very valuable in the early phase of starting a business.”


“There and at the entrepreneur meet-up, we have the opportunity to exchange information with other entrepreneurs and start-up teams about the latest topics, our own experiences and get valuable tips when it comes to starting up. Beyond that, the Science Park also offers a network with a lot of potential. For example, startups sitting in the CoCreationLab have the opportunity to meet with the Startup Coaches at Sparring sessions regarding their own ideas and exchange information on current Events on the topic of start-ups or on funding programmes.”



“Our company and our great team were born and grew in the Science Park.”


“We started in the CoCreationLab, where we spent many hours and conversations with the coaches, implemented and discarded hundreds of ideas and worked, laughed and discussed a lot. This place, and especially the people in the Science Park, have made the initial phase very easy for us through their support. We were very happy to be able to continue to be part of this community after moving into a studio!"

StayAwesome GmbH


“Exchange and feedback with coaches, companies and start-ups provide us with the right climate to grow.”


"We at Team ÖkoVision are pleased to call the CoCreationLab in the Science Park Kassel our office. The exchange and networking opportunities with other start-ups, companies and associations provide us with the right climate to grow."



“This gave us a space where we could develop new ideas away from our home.”


"When we started implementing our idea, we had no facilities where we could meet. The CoCreationLab has therefore helped us tremendously, especially in the start-up phase! Especially the modern, fittingly clean and at the same time creative environment in the Science Park really inspired us."

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